Re-celling BQ208X Empty or Full cells?

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Re-celling BQ208X Empty or Full cells?

Postby bn880 » Sat Jul 31, 2021 1:56 pm

Hi, I just reset a BQ208X battery that was showing SOC 0%, I did the calibration and entered some values for designed capacity (12000mAh), 0 cycle count, new date etc.

It's all great, but when I installed the new cells, they were at about 20% charged level, yet the battery in the laptop is charging from 0% up. Is it necessary to perform full charging / discharging in laptop to fix this and recover the first 20%, or should I discharge it with a smart charger to 0% first?

Code: Select all
DesignCapacity: 12000 mAh
FullChargeCapacity: 12000 mAh
CycleCount: 0
Date: 2021.07.31
DesignVoltage: 14400 mV
ManufName: GLW-LG
DeviceName: D900C
SerialNumber: 27E6
ChargingCurrent: 1500 mA
ChargingVoltage: 16800 mV
DeviceChemistry: LION
Temperature: 25.5 C
Voltage: 14525 mV
Current: 0 mA
RelativeSOC: 0%
AbsoluteSOC: 0%
RemainingCapacity: 0 mAh
VCELL4: 3630 mV
VCELL3: 3628 mV
VCELL2: 3635 mV
VCELL1: 3633 mV
SpecificationInfo: 0031 Hex
Battery Status:

MaxError: 100%
Pack Status :
Manufacturer Status:
Device Type: 2084
Firmware Revision: 1.43

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Re: Re-celling BQ208X Empty or Full cells?

Postby bn880 » Thu Aug 05, 2021 7:04 am

Turned out the capacity of the cells was lower than expected and tested with external tester. That was the main issue and the battery sets state to 100% once charging completes, and then there would be a jump near 0% as it discharges if the capacity is entered wrong.
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