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BE2Works versions history.

Postby admin » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:18 am

5.62 24.05.2022
Chips added: MEGA406

5.58 20.05.2022
Chips added: BQ40Z551, BQ40Z695, BQ40370
Bugs fixed.

5.57 18.05.2022
New firmware for R2J240
Chips added: BQ40Z50, BQ40Z555, BQ40Z556, A2168, A2169, A2170
Bugs fixed.

5.56 15.04.2022
New firmware for M37512
Chips added: BQ30Z551, BQ30Z554
New passwords for BQ30Z55x
Bugs fixed.

5.54 27.03.2022
New firmware for BQ8050, BQ20Z70
Chips added: MAX1785 Panasonic, MAX1787 Panasonic, R2J240DELLSDI10F50

5.51 11.06.2021
New firmware for BQ8050, BQ8030, BQ20Z70.
BQ40320 added.
New passwords for BQ30Z55.

5.44 15.11.2020
New firmware for BQ8055
Added BQ30423 and SN80305
New firmware for BQ8030

5.43 01.11.2020
New passwords and firmware for BQ30Z55
Added BQ30Z551 and BQ30Z554

5.41 29.05.2020

Versions 5.38-5.41 bugs fixing.

5.37 03.03.2020

SONY firmware for BQ8030 added
SDI firmware for BQ20Z955 added

5.36 28.02.2020

LGC firmware for R2J240 added
Some bugs fixed.

5.35 23.02.2020

BQ3050 added
Passwords for BQ30Z55 added

5.30 01.10.2019

New firmware for BQ20857 added
Passwords for BQ30Z55 added

5.29 30.09.2019

BQ20870 added
Passwords for NT1908 added

5.28 28.09.2019

BQ20857 added
Minor bugs fixed

5.25 09.05.2019

BQ20695 added.

5.24 05.05.2019

BQ30695A added.

5.23 28.04.2019

BQ30421 added.

5.21 21.04.2019

New firmware fo BQ30Z55

5.20 19.04.2019

New firmware fo BQ30Z55

5.15 03.03.2019

New firmware fo MAX1786 and MAX1786A

5.14 19.02.2019

Minor bugs fixing.

5.13 24.01.2019

Added new firmware for BQ8050 and BQ8030.

5.12 16.12.2018

Support fo R2J24051 (LGC)
Support for BQ8055A (Sanyo)
Firmware 11-85 for BQ8050 HP

5.11 27.11.2018

Support for Sony BPS24 batteries with BQ8050 chip

5.10 26.10.2018
Programing NT1908 via battery terminal.

5.08 25.10.2018

Support for Sony batteries with BQ8050 chip

5.07 23.10.2018

Support for BM3318

5.06 22.10.2018

Support for 51F51 (LGC).

5.04 21.10.2018

Support for DELL(Sanyo) BQ8050 added.

5.03 20.10.2018

Support for Lenovo(Sanyo) BQ8055 added.

5.01 17.10.2018

Programing BQ2060 via battery terminals implemented.

5.00 26.09.2018
New version Boracay released
Chips added:
BQ8050 Sanyo
BQ8055 Sanyo
MAX1781 Panasonic, SMP, SDI
MAX1786 Panasonic
MAX1786A Panasonic
MAX1789 Asus
BQ3060 Sanyo
BQ80306 LGC
SN8765 Sanyo

External EEPROM support with CP2112 adapter.
New firmware for BQ8030, M37512, R2J240 added.

4.51 30.03.2018
More passwords added for BQ30Z55.
Now 66 most usable passwords.

4.50 29.03.2018
Some improvements for BQ30Z55.

4.40 13.06.2017
Some passwords for BQ30Z55 added.
Bugs fixed.

4.39 05.08.2015
Some batteries based on BQ30Z55 added.
Bugs fixed.

4.30 05.08.2015
BQ30Z55 added.
Bugs fixed.

4.29 29.07.2015
LGC.06 IBM battery added for M37512 chip.
Bugs fixed.

4.24 07.02.2015
Problem with Full access passwords for chips BQ20Zxx solved.

4.21 29.01.2015
No more problems with passwords for BQ20Zxx and BQ208x
Any password in 6 seconds.
Reset password to default button added.

4.20 01.12.2014
Support for new adapter added.
Minor changes.

4.17 07.06.2014
Bug with Analyzer fixed for EV2300 and EV2400
Minor changes.

4.16 20.08.2013
Bug with BQ8030 SANYO DeviceName fixed.

4.15 18.07.2013
BQ80201 SONY firmware added.
Better reading and writing with EV2300 and EV2400 adapters.

4.14 29.06.2013
Minor changes.

4.13 25.06.2013
Bug fixed.

4.12 25.06.2013
Now you can work with several batteries on same PC.
Assume you have 2 USB adapters connected to you PC (any of supported adapters).
1. Double click program shortcut. Menu to choose adapter appear.
2. Choose adapter. After program start you can work with a battery connected to adapter.
3. Double click the program shortcut again. Menu to choose adapter appear.
4. Choose another adapter. After program start you can work with a second battery connected to a second adapter.

Now while first battery is scanning a password you can edit a second battery DataFlash.

You can use as many adapters as you want.

Sample video:

4.11 23.06.2013

Single executable for all adapters (USB to GPI, EV2300 and EV2400)

4.10 23.06.2013

Support for EV2400 added (no drivers needed).

4.05 13.06.2013

Panasonic, SDI and Sanyo batteries with M37512 can be reseted without connecting MCU pins.
Passwords scanner added. 650 most used passwords.
Bugs fixed. More stable reading and writing.

BQ208x and BQ20Zxx passwords added.
For more then 300 battery types.

Added support for:
BQ80201 (SANYO)
NS8030 (SMP, LGC)
BQ20869 (SDI)

Added support for:
BQ8030 (SANYO)
R2J240 (SANYO)
MAX1781 (SMP, STL)
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Re: Version 4.14 (Bohol) released

Postby tuktuk » Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:27 pm

please I have a adapter with LPT (old version 2.1 etc). Will be work with this release?
Thank you
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Re: Version 4.14 (Bohol) released

Postby admin » Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:52 pm

Obsolete adapter is not supported anymore.
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Re: Version 4.16 (Bohol) released

Postby sanndo » Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:56 am

When you plan to add support for Panasonic MAX1781?
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Re: Version 4.39 (Bohol) released

Postby gejounegb » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:32 pm

what is the process to update version 4.37 in 4.39?each time i open the program, it automatically downloads the new version,but there is no change after.I tried to unzip the downloaded version ,but my panda antivirus blocks its installation as if it was a virus.What can I do?
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Re: Version 4.39 (Bohol) released

Postby admin » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:22 pm

Go to your BE2Works directory, unpack and install.
There is no any virus in ZIP.
It's a false repot from Panda.
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Re: BE2Works versions history.

Postby toza27 » Sat Apr 16, 2022 12:59 pm

A Beginner's Question: What version of Windows does BE2Works v5.56 support?
Thank you very much.
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Re: BE2Works versions history.

Postby admin » Mon Apr 25, 2022 8:08 pm

Higher then 7.
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