problem sony vgp-bps2b regenerated 37516+c66

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problem sony vgp-bps2b regenerated 37516+c66

Postby alelazzaro82 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:30 am

Hello, I purchased your program (rizal) to reset the code eeprom battery vgp-BPS2B, but it does not work.
The laptop I recognize the faulty battery and does not enable the mos tpc8103.
It uses m37516 and 93C66 (l66 branded and configured 8bit)
Windows detects the new and fully functional.
If the pilot manually instead mos can either use that to charge it.
This battery originally had the blown fuse with a 4-cell to zero volts, have all been replaced with new 6-cell ICR18650-24e, for safety I also replaced the mos tpc8103.
I have checked all the components and I did not detect faults and malfunctions.
I am attaching the file. Bin original and regenerated.
Do you know tell me if there are any defects in the code?

Given that my license has expired can I edit the code in another program (Ponyprog)

Sorry for my english
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