Dell XPS M2010 - BQ 2084 DBT / BQ 29312 APW

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Dell XPS M2010 - BQ 2084 DBT / BQ 29312 APW

Postby littodevil » Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:59 pm

Just posting a question in case the Admin or anyone might know or for future reference...

So I'm trying to rebuild my battery for fun and learn something new along the way..

It has a BQ2084DBT chip on it as well as a BQ29312APW

I took out all the old cells and installed new higher capacity LG 3500 mAh cells into it and it currently shows me some blinking LED lights on the battery that indicates there is something wrong with it. I check the fuse already and bypassed that in the mean time since the battery splits into two inside one packaging.

Got a couple questions thought maybe I can get some answers from on here:

1) Do I need the BE2Works or any software for it to learn the new capacity or will it learn by itself and recalibrate by charging and discharging? Basically do I need the BE2Works to "Program" the higher capacity into the BQ2084 chip?

2) I read about connecting the CP2112 directly to the EEPROM chip.. but I read somewhere that the BQ2084 is not a EEPROM chip?.. if that is the case does that mean I can do everything I need to reset the battery to make it work simply by connecting thru the SCL and SDA on the battery?

These are the snapshots I got from reading the battery using 4.25 version of BE2Works:

MaxError: 100%
Pack Status :
Manufacturer Status:
Device Type: 35073
Firmware Revision: 89.2


DesignCapacity: 7800 mAh
FullChargeCapacity: 6537 mAh
CycleCount: 18
Date: 2007.02.10
DesignVoltage: 14800 mV
ManufName: SMP-SDI2.6
DeviceName: DELL C987972A
SerialNumber: 000E
ChargingCurrent: 0 mA
ChargingVoltage: 16800 mV
DeviceChemistry: LION
Temperature: 26.2 C
Voltage: 13653 mV
Current: 0 mA
RelativeSOC: 0%
AbsoluteSOC: 0%
RemainingCapacity: 0 mAh
VCELL4: 3411 mV
VCELL3: 3441 mV
VCELL2: 3415 mV
VCELL1: 3421 mV
SpecificationInfo: 0021 Hex
Battery Status:

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