garbage data from P150HMBAT-8 battery

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garbage data from P150HMBAT-8 battery

Postby helmix » Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:49 am


I have a P150HMBAT-8 battery with a NT1908 chip and L02W EEPROM.
Using latest 4.52 Bohol with a CP2112 Adapter.
It reads the battery without errors but the result looks like garbage:

DesignCapacity: 21845 mAh
FullChargeCapacity: 21845 mAh
CycleCount: 21845
Date: 2022.10.21
DesignVoltage: 21845 mV
ManufName: SMP-SDI26F
DeviceName: P150HM....
SerialNumber: 5555
ChargingCurrent: 21845 mA
ChargingVoltage: 21845 mV
DeviceChemistry: LION
Temperature: 1911,3 C
Voltage: 21845 mV
Current: 21845 mA
RelativeSOC: 21845%
AbsoluteSOC: 21845%
RemainingCapacity: 21845 mAh
Mfg1: 21845 integer
Mfg2: 21845 integer
Mfg3: 21845 integer
Mfg4: 21845 integer
SpecificationInfo: 5555 Hex
Battery Status:

Attached also the binary result of "Read Chip" operation, which I did with the "BQ208X" selected in the dropdown list.
Every relevant info seems to be 5555 Hex (21845 Decimal). Not even the temperature or cell voltages are shown properly.
But the battery works ok inside the laptop, it only has too little capacity...
(before I replace the cells I wanted to make sure I can reset the controller)

Is this battery configuration supported by BE2Works with CP2112 ? (L02W is not listed on the page)
Or what am I doing wrong?

Can someone please help me?
SMP-SDI26F P150HM....
Chip data
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Re: garbage data from P150HMBAT-8 battery

Postby admin » Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:54 am

To reset this battery you neet to reset external EEPROM cip 24C02 (L02W ).
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