Question for an R2J240 screwed up DIY laptop pack rebuild

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Question for an R2J240 screwed up DIY laptop pack rebuild

Postby Barkuti » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:43 pm

The administrator may already be in the know, submitted related question to a couple days ago.
Due to my inexperience with these damned battery circuits I screwed up the thing, blown up 12AH3 fuse and @#$%ing R2J240-20F020 chip in panic mode.
Of course lesson learned. However, the fellow here (hello!) had nothing else to say after our last two emails:

  • Him: Do you mean you need to fix only 1 battery?
  • Me: I guess that is a yes.
  • Him: Нщн

This sort of means the admin guy here :?: thinks there's nothing viable for me here, but does it? :evil:
Maybe for people like me you could compile custom versions of the software for whatever specific scenario, my specific case is Renesas R2J240 integrated management chip with (3SxP) 11.25V nominal/13.05V maximum charge voltage battery, though I can be happy with 12.6V maximum to enhance battery lifespan; charging speed ½C is fine or 1.5A (Samsung ICR18650-30B cells).
Well, if this is to serve someone could at least pinpoint me into viable alternatives. I know I can buy pretty inexpensive 42T4858/42T4814 laptop packs, would it be possible to get the management circuitry alone somewhere?

Cheers :)
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Re: Question for an R2J240 screwed up DIY laptop pack rebuil

Postby Batterycomp » Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:27 am

Hi admin

Regarding this chip.....I have 4.58 full version and I try to reset a R2J240-20F020 chip from a battery I have.....I select the correct chip from list, press read,the C led turns green, and press reset but it allways say "unable to reset" and of course it does not reset the chip. It's a R2J240 with SDI firmware. Can this version reset such a chip?

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