set Limit for charge lower than 100%

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set Limit for charge lower than 100%

Postby Macky » Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:27 pm


I got a new battery for my MSI laptop because the old one expanded. The new one unfortunately doesn't behave like the old one and always charges to 100% no matter how little it was discharged.
The original battery only started charging once the capacity had dropped below 90%. I thought this is a laptop/BIOS behavior, but apparently it is set in the battery.
The original battery has a BQ30Z55.
Is it possible with BE2WORKS to configure this behavior? Could I even set a charge limit of 90% (so that the battery will never be charged to 100% or 4.26V, but only 4.1V lets say?

Thanks for the answers!
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