Dell K4CP5

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Dell K4CP5

Postby danmeseriashu » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:58 pm

Can you help me with this battery?
here`s info:

DesignCapacity: 0 mAh
FullChargeCapacity: 0 mAh
CycleCount: 0
Date: 2012.06.13
DesignVoltage: 11100 mV
ManufName: DP-SDI28
DeviceName: DELL HJ47426D
SerialNumber: 200E
ChargingCurrent: 0 mA
ChargingVoltage: 0 mV
DeviceChemistry: LION
Temperature: Read ERROR C
Voltage: 4217 mV
Current: 0 mA
RelativeSOC: 0%
AbsoluteSOC: 0%
RemainingCapacity: 0 mAh
Mfg1: 65535 integer
Mfg2: 65535 integer
Mfg3: 65535 integer
Mfg4: 65535 integer
SpecificationInfo: 0021 Hex
Battery Status:

It`s from a laptop DELL latitude e6320 , battery model no. K4CP5, with BQ30421.
I have a lot of 40 pieces, all with the same problem.
I have cavite full version 3.28, and also i tried with demo bohol 4.15.
any suggestion?
Thank you in advance!
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