Dell F681T, bq20889 Searching for senc/srec dump

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Dell F681T, bq20889 Searching for senc/srec dump

Postby kurwer » Mon Jul 25, 2022 7:59 am

Hello everyone. I've got a battery for Alienware m15x with corrupted program and dataflash.
Battery model F681T, Manufacturer is simplo.
Chip: bq20889
From the rest of dataflash i've found this info: manufacturername: SMP-PANA2.6, devicename: DELL W3VX394G
Unfortunately, fw version is unknown.
I'm fine with any dump format: senc/srec/ separate dataflash and program flash.
Dump made with be2works less suitable, cause by incomplete dataflash reading by the software.
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